Ashley Charles, better known as his pseudonym, Sabrepulse, is a chiptune musician from Yorkshire, UK. He is often cited as being one of the pioneers of the genre known as chipbreak, a fusion of 8 bit music and breakcore. He founded Sabrepulse in late 2001 to release his remixes of retro game music. In the years after that he released a shitload of ep's and albums, which made him one of (if not) the most popular artist in the 8bit-scene.

Sabrepulse visited Meadownight back in 2011 and even after we've seen passing more than a hundred different artists throughout the years.. Sabrepulse' show was definitely one of the most memorable, energetic and crowdpleasing acts we've ever had on one of our stages. Trust us: we have absolutely no reason to believe he can't pull this off again! Come check him out and oh... Don't forget to bring your gameboy!

Genres: 8-bit • Chiptune